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Kirkland Signature

The History

For more than two decades, the Kirkland Signature brand has stood for unparalled quality and value. We launched our own private-label brand so that we could take a more active role in setting and ensuring even better value for our members—the highest quality standards at the lowest possible prices. The Kirkland Signature brand allows us to control every aspect of product freshness, ingredients, production, packaging, and more.

By taking the lead in sourcing and formulating new products, co-branding with premium national and international brands, and partnering with top manufacturers around the world, we’ve created an exclusive range of products that reflect our members’ tastes and exceed their expectations.


Every product that carries the Kirkland Signature name is carefully researched, tested, hand-selected, or custom-created by a dedicated team of experts here at Costco. 

What we do:

  • Co-brand with top quality brands and member favourites to offer big savings on our best-loved products such as Jelly Belly, Kettle Chips, and many others.
  • Source new products from all over the world so our members can be the first to enjoy new trends, styles, materials, flavours, and technologies.
  • Improve existing products to meet higher standards of taste, quality, health, and convenience.
  • Create new products that reflect member preferences and meet new standards of quality and value.


The Kirkland Signature brand stands for quality above all else—quality that meets or exceeds leading national brands. Our commitment to quality extends beyond the product itself to the environment it is created in—the orchards where produce is grown, the factories where products are manufactured, and the warehouses where our products are stored. Then we go even further, ensuring that the workers who make these products are paid well, treated fairly, and work in healthy, safe environments.

Signature Taste

We travel the world to find the very best ingredients, partner with your best-loved brands, and develop fresher, tastier, healthier recipes. The result is a range of foods that are simply a cut above.

Signature Style

Kirkland Signature apparel combines the very best features for style, fit, comfort, and longevity, at an exceptional value.

Bean Around the World

Behind our famous chocolate is a story of global sustainability. Great chocolate starts with great cocoa beans — and the beans for Kirkland Signature’s smooth, flavourful chocolate come from the world’s top grower, West Africa’s Ivory Coast. But we’re not only choosing the best beans for today, we’re also working to protect this precious harvest and support local communities for years to come.

Sustainable Methods.

Without careful stewardship, the demand for fine chocolate could outpace supply. In partnership with our suppliers, we’re training farmers to conserve water, protect the ecosystem, and grow resilient, healthy crops year after year.

Social Responsibility.

The farmers who grow our beans are paid fairly and receive business training to help them see greater success. Costco also donates to health and community centres, schools, and projects that help local communities flourish.

Quality at every step.

We trace our chocolate right from the source, ensuring beans are harvested at their peak, roasted to perfection, and blended with pure cocoa butter and sugar to make the creamy, rich confections exclusive to Kirkland Signature.

Kirkland Signature Tool Chest

When you're working in the garage, being organized is the key to success and efficiency. The Kirkland Signature™ Tool Chest (Item #803353) offers about a cubic metre of storage, enough to provide well-stocked order for a professional mechanic, as well as an avid hobbyist.

“This tool chest is built to the high quality standards Costco members have come to expect from the Kirkland Signature brand,” says Gavin Heale, Costco hardware buyer. “I especially like this item because it’s the first tool chest in the Kirkland Signature line, and it’s the kind of item that can transform the way a member works in his or her garage because it can store so many different kinds of tools.”

This 106.6 centimetre (42-inch) tool chest features 16 locking drawers with a thumb-activated secure safety lock system; strong ball bearing slides in each drawer provide smooth drawer operation and a long operational life. The six-drawer top chest has a locking storage compartment, a locking full-extension top lid with slow-close gas struts, a top storage shelf and a magazine or manual holder. The 10-drawer rolling bottom cabinet includes a massive storage drawer and three extra-deep drawers for larger power tools.

Oversize, rubberized, anodized aluminum grab handles and four non-marring casters (two locking) help the cabinet roll smoothly over uneven surfaces and carry a combined load capacity of 1,130 kilograms (2,500 pounds). This heavy-duty chest features a black crinkle finish that won’t show fingerprints, minor dings or scrapes. The steel gauge is a heavy-duty 1.2 millimetres on the outside panels and 1 millimetre on the inside.

Best of all, you’ll enjoy a significant savings on this item compared with workbenches of similar quality and specifications sold by our nearest competitors. Here’s to success in your shop. 

Kirkland Signature Tilapia Loins

If your New Year’s resolution is to make healthier food choices this year, you might want to add fish to your diet. If so, consider Kirkland Signature frozen tilapia, which is high in protein and low in calories, fats and carbohydrates.

Kirkland Signature tilapia is raised without antibiotics and farmed in pristine conditions: Floating cages with steady water flow provide a consistent temperature in deep-water reservoirs located close to the equator.

“What really separates our tilapia from others in the market is the clean, optimal growing conditions that include the cleanest possible water, quickest processing time from harvest to freeze and strict controls on feed and feed ingredients,” says Jennifer Gordon, buyer for corporate foods. Supplier Regal Springs, a zero-waste company, farms using a minimal amount of the water’s surface, which is optimal for the environment and creates a healthy habitat that contributes to the mild flavour of the tilapia. “Our tilapia is very clean tasting and bright white in colour,” Jennifer says.

Tilapia is a versatile fish that can be used in your favourite recipes, and tastes great barbecued, fried, sautéed, baked and even in soups and ceviche. Each 1.1 kilogram package of frozen tilapia, which sells for $18.99, contains six to nine loins weighing 113 to 198 grams each.

“Our tilapia is unique because we completely remove all the dark meat and only use the top loin portion of the fillet,” Jennifer says.

Kirkland Signature Lunch Meat

Take your pick: chicken, roast beef or Black Forest ham. Sandwich making for the whole family just got easier with Kirkland Signature Lunch Meat. The three-pack, which contains 300-gram portions of all three meats, makes it easy to please everyone’s palate.

Each lunch meat contains a meat protein of 21 per cent. The meats are low in sodium and made with all-natural ingredients; everything is pronounceable and easy to understand, and there are no added preservatives. The chicken is even 98 per cent fat free. Each meat pack is thin-sliced and, of course, gluten-free.

These lunch meats are also great chopped and tossed in a salad or omelette. Wrap asparagus spears with cheese and a slice of the chicken or ham and pop it in the oven for a great side dish, or use the roast beef to make a classic French dip sandwich with savoury au jus sauce, or a Philly cheesesteak. A slice of lunch meat on its own is great for a quick, protein-based snack.

Make mealtime simpler—stop by the cooler and pick up Kirkland Signature Lunch Meat on your next Costco trip.

Kirkland Signature Lemonade

There's nothing more refreshing during the hot summer months than ice-cold lemonade that tastes homemade. Even better is serving your family lemonade that contains juice from top-quality organic lemons. Kirkland Signature Organic Lemonade fits the bill on both counts.

“It is a delicious organic beverage perfect for the summer season,” says Pat Fairweather, Costco food buyer for Kirkland Signature. “It has a very nice balance of tartness and sweetness, and best of all it has a very clean list of ingredients that are all easy to pronounce.”

Kirkland Signature Organic Lemonade (Item #736083) is perfect for slushies or snow cones, and can be frozen as an ice pop, the perfect summer treat, or as ice cube mixers for your cocktails. It has 130 calories and zero fat per serving, and comes in a convenient two-pack of 2.84-litre containers.

“I like how it comes in a two-pack, so I can conveniently store one jug in the refrigerator while the other can stay in the pantry,” Pat tells The Connection. The concentrated organic lemon juice is made from hand-picked organic lemons grown on certified-organic farms in Argentina, Spain and California. The juice is reconstituted with filtered water and lightly sweetened with natural organic cane sugar from South America.

In order to maintain the quality and flavour, the lemonade is made in small batches of 5,000 litres in a facility in Toronto. ECOCERT, a certification body for sustainable development, regulates both the organic farms and production runs.